My Current Shopping Obsession – AMAZON!


Winter is upon us, and at least here in NYC, it is freezing!  The wind that almost knocks me over, and the icy sidewalks are not conducive to shopping.  Stay home and save money?  Well, that is an option… but being that this is a SHOPPING page, let’s not kid ourselves, shall we?  With a click of a button, we have everything we can possibly want in less than 2 days!  I have loved Amazon for awhile now; if you see my “previous orders” page, you will see that I use the term “love” loosely… more like “addicted”… These days, I have also been using Amazon Fresh, which actually has been good for my waistline because I’m cooking more!  New Years resolution, CHECK!

I thought it might be fun to share my latest purchases here and if you guys enjoy it, I’ll do it more often.  Grocery haul, anyone?

Back to the topic of cooking, I bought some cute kitchen gadgets that you might find tickles your tongue 🙂

clean-dreams-tiny-bed-kitchen-sponge-holder-4A sponge bed??!!!!  A whole new meaning to a sponge bath!


cuisinart-advantage-12-piece-knife-set-bright Because for every fruit you cut, you need a matching knife!

pig-drainDo I really need to explain why this is so freaking cute?  It also comes in frog, fish, and rooster.

71g1ljy7mil-_sl1500_Pancakes are perfect for those weekend mornings in! Or as a midnight snack 🙂

41i4jtlxqalThese fit over the sink, so you don’t have noodles spilling all over the place.  Spoken from experience…

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