Dear June

It’s been awhile since my last post and the excuses are just excuses, so no excuses.  ☺️  Well, maybe one… that I’m somewhat of a perfectionist… but I’m trying to change that about me at least when it comes to writing.  I started writing this (poem?  blog entry?  stream of consciousness?) on a plane in June, 2015 and never finished it.  I didn’t know how to finish it or if it was even worth finishing.  But is anything ever finished?  Who can judge what is worth what? So here it is. I think I want to do a “Dear month” every month.  Well, try at least.  Will you keep me accountable?

Dear June,

Your war scars
Your empathy
The pain
In your beautiful soul

I let you go
Because I don’t want to remember a faded memory
When it was so vividly colorful

It wasn’t a picture of perfection
But I don’t want to forget
The sweeping strokes
The imperfection of the details
Rough silences
Misunderstood pauses

I don’t want to remember

It took months for you to harvest
A small seed at the start of spring
Perhaps you needed sun, rain, air, inspiration

I don’t want to remember the breeze
The silk gliding against my knees

Thank you for the flower blossoms
Beautiful while it bloomed
I will never forget how it scented the air I breathed

Pass me by
As time does
Unrelenting and unwavering
Because life goes on

You weren’t with me
Even when you were
As quickly as seconds tick
It becomes the past

I don’t want to remember

But I don’t want to forget

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