Dear Summer,

Ok, so I let another 8 months pass before posting a second poem…  This one I started the summer of 2016, exactly a year after the first one.  What is it about summers that put me in this mood?  I’ll have to continue this theme and write a “Dear Summer” 2017 version.  Something tells me that that one will whistle a very different tune.  Anyway, here it is!


Dear Summer,

Have you ever felt
Your lungs stop?
Air drains out.
Anxiety strangles.
Your body, soul, consciousness
Every cell of your being
Slows down.
Slow motion.

Have you ever caught
Your heart on fire?
Beatings are thrown
Like dry logs.
It burns
Hotter with each hurl.
When you are sure there is no more
It scorches again.

Wince in pain
Then it’s numb.


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