7 Steps to A New You!

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Do you feel languid, lazy, or unmotivated?  Your mind is telling you that you need a change, your butt is asking for a boost, but it’s just so hard to start?  Taking that initial step can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.  You just need to start with something simple and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it becomes easier, more fun, and excitingly creative.  Before you know it, you’ve transformed into a fresh, new, and unique YOU!

I love going through a “revamping” period with each new season, but Fall is my favorite time to do so.  Everything is beginning whether you are starting a new school year, or in my case, a new season at the Metropolitan Opera.  Summer is over and you’ve had your fun.  It’s time to get motivated, inspired, and kick some serious ass! ??

1.  Change your hairstyle. ??

This is so cliché but it totally works!  It is a quick and easy way to kick off the “new you”.  The way you look really does affect the way you feel.  It doesn’t have to be a dramatic change if you love your hair, but let’s be real, hair grows!  Take a risk.  Be bold!  At least change your part.

2.  Succumb to your wild side. ?

I always feel empowered and beautiful when I put on some bold lips.  Experiment with a new shade that you wouldn’t normally go for.  Why not?  Guys?  Buy a sexy new wallet.  Girls, if you have the resources, invest in a new Chanel.  Haha.  Just kidding.  Or not…  ?  It really can be anything, but treat yourself to something that you always thought “I couldn’t…”.  A racy piece of lingerie perhaps?

Ok, we’ve taken care of the superficial stuff.  Let’s get deeper.

3.  Start a new workout regimen.  ?? Or start A workout regimen!

You don’t have to become a body builder, but working out will make you FEEL GOOD.  I’m a huge believer in working out your mind, your mood, and your confidence, not just your muscles!  If you feel good, I promise you, you will look good.

There are so many ways to work out!  Choose one that you’ve never tried before: Pilates, spinning, running, yoga, zumba, boxing, hiking, the list is endless!  The key is consistency.  Do something you can do regularly even if it’s a 15 minute workout every other day.  You know what is realistic for you.

4.  Declutter your home. ?

This is something I do regularly, not only between season.  Actually, ok I admit it, I do it pretty much everyday…  I cannot stand to have disorganization or have junk in the home because it directly reflects in my psyche.

I find the easiest way to start this sometimes daunting task is to find a small section of your house that feels manageable to you: one drawer in the kitchen, the bathroom cabinet, the refrigerator.  Throw out EVERYTHING you haven’t used in two years, and ORGANIZE the rest so it is readily accessible and esthetically pleasing!  You’ll find that if you start in small sections, you’ll be more likely to continue because small successes lead to big successes!  Before you know it, you’ll be onto your closet!! GASP!  The key is, fill your house with necessities and things you LOVE.  Hoarding doesn’t get you anywhere.

 5.  Learn a new skill. ??

Instead of scrolling your day away on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your social vice might be, learn something new.  Hey, I am a social media addict, heck I vlog everyday, but I’m just saying, find a little balance.  I’ll never tell you to take a break from internet, because I only preach what I practice!

I fell in love with Italy all over again this summer, and I finally decided to learn Italian!  I know I’ll probably never be fluent in it unless I move there, but it’s fun to learn something new.  There are great apps on the iPhone now for learning a new language that feels like you are playing, not learning!  My favorite for learning Italian is Duolingo.  I literally can feel the rust being rubbed off my brain…

Pick something you are interested in. It really can be anything from learning how to bake a cheesecake, to learning  a musical instrument, to mastering the perfect shuffle step… (twerk? the nae-nae?)

6.  Become a list-maker. ?

I love lists.  I enjoy writing them, but crossing them off is probably one of the simplest joys in my life!  (I swear my life isn’t boring; I just love lists that much… ?✏️)  Our mind gets cluttered and when you don’t have space to think, it’s hard to act.  So, don’t just THINK about the things you want to accomplish.  Write them down and DO them.  Make the goals realistic.  They should for the most part be short-term; things you can finish in a week, let’s say.  Some examples from my lifestyle might be: write two blog posts this week, organize my makeup drawer on Tuesday, purchase new strings for my violin, schedule a meeting with so-and-so, etc.  Give yourself deadlines, and revel in the sense of accomplishment as you check off each item!

7.  Spend time alone. ??

At least for me, the easiest person to neglect is myself.  I forget that my mind and soul need ME time!!

Set aside at least 10 minutes a day to sit and reflect.  You can meditate, write in a journal, sit on a park bench, or take a luxurious bath, but whatever you do, do it mindfully and alone.  Ask yourself, how am I today?  Am I happy?  Grateful?  Show empathy for your feelings, consider your thoughts, and ask yourself questions, like you would a friend or a loved one.  Care about yourself.  Respect yourself.  Love yourself.

Add one step each day, and after a week, you’ll be unstoppable.  Addictions aren’t all bad.  Get addicted to living a life full of energy, positivity, balance, and power!

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